The Kimchi-topped “The Korean” Pizza at E-Mart Traders

Traders makes these limited time pizzas. They’re pretty much copies of Costco pizzas.

We just moved to another apartment yesterday. Our gas hadn’t been hooked up. The kitchen was too disorganized for cooking anyway. I offered to pick up a pizza after work.

At Traders, I was planning to get a neutral crowd-pleasing cheese pizza, when I saw “The Korean” Pizza and read its toppings.

Stated that it was for Korean tastes, it had beef bulgogi. I’ve had bulgogi pizzas before, and they’re just fine. What caught my eye was the addition of stir-fried kimchi.

“Oh, that’s blogworthy.”

The pizzas are doughy and floppy, as you can see. They also come with onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.

Verdict: Pretty good

I like sour toppings to cut through the grease, like jalapenos. Kimchi makes sense, which is why I’d been puzzled as to why you don’t see it often here.

This is stir-fried kimchi, so it’s also a little sweet. I think this steps it up over plain kimchi.

I don’t know how long “The Korean” Pizza will last at Traders. Try a slice if you can.

The lesson from this us that kimchi makes a good and logical pizza topping, especially if it’s stir-fried with a little sweetener.


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1 thought on “The Kimchi-topped “The Korean” Pizza at E-Mart Traders”

  1. Looks awesome, but alas for me, the damn onions are a deal-breaker. Koreans love to put onions on just about everything. The very first pepperoni pizza I ever ordered over the phone from a Korean pizza shack (back when I had shaky phone-ordering skills) resulted in a pizza that had pepperoni, ham, and onions on it—despite its being labeled a simple pepperoni pizza. That’s one of the first things you learn in Korea: unless it’s Korean food you’re ordering, labels and nomenclature don’t mean squat (and even then, you sometimes have to watch out for Korean food!.


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