YukHui Naengmyeon 육회냉면

YukHwe Naengmyeon 육회냉면

Something new popped up in the menus we usually get taped to our door. A naengmyeon delivery joint specialized in YukHwe, the Korean raw beef dish I like so much. So I ordered their YukHwe Naengmyeon.

This is done bibim style, so there’s no broth. Just a big dollop of gochujang under the egg. So since it’s Bibim Naengmyeon, I mixed it up.

The taste?

The gochujang so overwhelmed it that the beef barely made a presence. I was a little disappointed by it. Raw beef is usually put into traditional Jeonju Bibimbap, and this was the first time I had seen it in Naengmyeon. Considering what had happened in Japan recently, it was pretty risky ordering a raw beef dish from a delivery joint. Next time, I’ll just go back to my regular Mul Naengmyeon.

As an aside, EJ and I have noticed that each summer the Mul Naengmyeon gets spicier and spicier. They keep putting more gochujang in it. This is a trend I don’t like. It’s not that I don’t like spicy food, but Mul Naengmyeon is one of those dishes you eat to get a respite from the usual gochujang-drenched fare. Putting more gochujang in Mul Naengmyeon just makes it taste like everything else. It loses its uniqueness.

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