Philippines, Day 4: Boarding the Bicol Express

The Filipino Department of Tourism invited Korean bloggers for a tour of the Philippines, paying for transportation, lodging, and most of the food. The goal was to highlight areas that were under the radar of tourists and to check out attractions that were being developed. This is my diary of that trip.

Another traveling day. We packed our things and went back to Goodchow for breakfast. I went for the Longsilog. ___silog is a breakfast of a main, fried rice, and egg. The “long” in my Longsilog was sweet garlicky longanisa sausages, which I could eat every day for breakfast.



Gravy-laden breakfast dish


Pork fried noodles


Slighly curry tasting “Siomai” dumplings

We drove to the ferry terminal and quickly said our goodbyes. Like last time, it was crowded. But this time it was much better. We had a nice place with the breeze coming in and a nice view of the flying fish skipping across the water. The trip only took two-and-a-half hours to Lucena City on the main island.



We met the team for our second leg of the trip in Bicol province and piled into the bus. We had lunch at Buddy’s in a shopping mall, but I still tried to eat as many Filipino dishes as I could.

2013-03-31 15.49.19
Lechon Kawali. One of my favorite dishes. Deep-fried pork belly with a rich gravy and rice.


Love dat Filipino fried chicken
Sizzling Shrimp Ampalaya
Lovely tart and refreshing Sinigang
The first Halo-halo of the trip
2013-03-31 20.33.52
A little fresh mangosteen

The rest of the drive was pretty long. We didn’t get to the Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga City until 1 a.m. But it was really nice. Comfortable. I finally had a chance to break out the single malt I bought at Incheon duty free.




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