Petite France

Type: Domestic, Artificial

Good for: if you’ve never been to Europe, and you’re fine with a fake Europe

Worth it?




Why fly halfway across the world to visit a mock-up of a French village?

You know what’s authentically French there? Absolutely rien. That’s French for nada, folks.

Forget about baguettes and berets. Instead, you get bad spaghetti. Yep, spaghetti. Because nothing screams “French culture” like a bowl of Italian carbs. You’d think they’d at least try and serve you some faux croissants.

So, what can you do in this Francophonic fantasy? Snap pics for the ‘Gram, roll your eyes at the absurdity, and wish you were actually in France—or anywhere else. Bonne chance, mes amis. You’ll need it.

Seriously, this was a classic tourist trap built for Korean families and school field trips. I don’t understand why they keep advertising it to foreign tourists when there are so many better Korean attractions to go to.

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