North Korean Tacos?

Pyongyang Express truck
"Subsidized good food for the people"

This Korean taco truck was spotted on the streets of LA recently. The owner claims that they make authentic North Korean tacos in accordance with the ideals of Juche. A more in depth interview with the owner is here.

I agree with the authors of the linked articles. It’s a stunt for the upcoming game Homefront, where the Red Dawn inspired premise goes that North Korea invades America. It caught some buzz at the E3 gaming expo last week.

Nonetheless, you can also follow Pyongyang Express on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the menu:

$1 KJ’s North Korean Taco (special marinated chicken or beef)

$2 Kimchee Quesadilla

$2 DPRK Rice Bowl

Many North Korean drinks and chips

Water and soft drink

Taco Bell Korea Opens on July 11th

Kiwi Strawberry “Toast”


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