Restaurant Guide CoverI’ve been working on this for months, and it’s finally up. The ultimate guide to Seoul restaurants has been published and is sitting waiting for you on the Amazon book store. Until Saturday, Amazon is doing a free promotion for the book, so get it now. If you like it please leave a great review or at least vote up the reviews you agree with.

For the U.S. Amazon store, you can get it here.

For other Amazon sites, just search for the name of the book.

On our very first day, we have already busted through the rankings. As of this writing, the book is
#2 in Books on Seoul
#2 in Kindle Books on Travel Dining (beating out Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri, and David Liebovitz)
#7 in Kindle Books on Asia
And we’ve broken into the top 100 in Travel already!

This guide will be continually updated, so if you get it now, you will still be up to date on the latest on Seoul’s restaurant scene. Currently the format works best on large devices, like iPads. I’m frantically rebuilding it to not only work well on smaller devices but to make it fully interactive, as in you tap on the restaurant address, and it pulls it up in your Google Maps app.
The guide has restaurants crowdsourced from the passionate foodie community of expats and English speaking Koreans with over 400 restaurants listed. It also includes the following:
– Restaurant Buzz Top Ten Restaurants in Seoul
– Wine Korea’s Top Wine Lists and Wine Bars
– Makgeolli Mamas and Papas List of Top Makgeolli Bars (Korean rice beer)
– Southern Sons’ List of Top Cocktail Bars
– ZenKimchi’s Must-try Korean Restaurants
– Alphabetical listings
– Quality and price ratings
– Indexes based on location and type of cuisine

Don’t have a Kindle?

There is a nifty Kindle app for most devices. I use it on my Galaxy Note.

I hope you enjoy it,

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