On top of my duties co-hosting “Morning Special” every weekday on EBS-FM, I’m also spending the summer weekends filming a series of travel documentaries for Arirang, called “G-Korea.” The first episode, which airs Sunday in Korea and internationally at multiple times, centers around Pyeongchang–a resort town that has been trying to capture the 2018 Winter Olympics. On the episode, I spend the night in a Buddhist monastery, paraglide and race around the side of a mountain in an ATV. The camera wasn’t filming when I crashed on the ATV and got banged up.

It’s been a lot of work and fun. I’m not sure how I feel about being in front of the camera like that. I really need to lose weight.


Arirang Korea (Seoul Time) 7:30, 14:30, 19:30, 22:30

Arirang World (New York Time) 13:30, 17:30, 22:00, 4:30 (Mon.), 9:30 (Mon.)

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