Dorothy Hamilton, founder of the French Culinary Institute, (and whom, I’ve heard, helped turn a young Bobby Flay from a juvenile delinquent into an Iron Chef) was the guest of honor at Suji’s rooftop tonight. We all had a great time. I got to get some face time with Ms. Hamilton and act all fanboyish. And she was just as charming as the legends say.

The other cool thing was all the big movers in Seoul’s food community who were there. There was Young Song (chef, cookbook author, food researcher), Nick Flynn (Executive Chef of the COEX Intercontinental), Paul Schenk (Dining head honcho of the COEX Intercontinental), Stephen Revere (founder, 10 Magazine), Joshua Hall (Wine Korea), Dan Gray (Seoul Eats), Rose Han (CEO, Dreamville Entertainment), Eva Kim (manager, Doosanedu International), Tony Garcia (Director of Business Development, International Culinary Center) and, of course, Suji Park (restaurant diva), among many others.

We’re going to have a few more food celebs come through town with the Seoul Gourmet Week coming in two weeks.

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