Let’s be honest.

Compared to its neighbors, Seoul’s sights are fine but are dwarfed. What makes world travelers come to Seoul and return is its culture.

Its nightlife.

Yet it’s hard to navigate if you’re new to the area. Some restaurants and drinking spots don’t even accept single diners. A lot of the restaurants promoted by tourism entities are just that–tourist restaurants. You won’t find many locals eating there. Trip Advisor ranks taco and pizza joints because of the Great Wall of Intimidation in Korean restaurants. God forbid if you find yourself being suckered into standing in line at Myeong-dong Gyoza. And the Michelin Guide?


That’s why I started Korea Food Tours. I got the idea for these tours my first year in Korea because the great food is lying under the surface. You gotta have an “in.” You gotta have someone who knows the ropes. I don’t want you to go through what I went through. I got frustrated with all the fluff and pabulum Korean tourism agencies and corporations were promoting on TV and to tourists. I’m like,

Fuck that!

There are reasons why some of us decide to stay here and love it. We want to show you why we love this place. You’re not going to be led through some market, grazing like a sheep. You’re going to be with a group of new friends out for a good time. Full immersion.

You’re gonna be a Seoulite for a night.

(Actually, even Koreans take our tours and have been impressed.)

Just take a look at what we have to offer. We do recommend booking early in your stay so that our guides can give you the scoop on other places to eat and see during your stay.


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