I think no one slept that night.  It always does so when you have to wake up early.  Around five o’clock, EJ asked, “Are you awake?”


“You going back to sleep?”

“Doesn’t look like it.”

The family was leaving in two batches.  We went to the airport limousine bus terminal in Beomgye to pick up some tickets.  Ben, Brian and Mom arrived in two taxis loaded with luggage.  EJ was on the phone with the cell phone rental guys, and I was relaying what she was saying.  It was tight in coordinating when and where to drop off and pay for their cell phones, where the cell phone rep would meet them at a certain time and location.

They left on their limo bus, and we went home for breakfast.  We cooked what Ben had made at the W Hotel the day before, including the wonderful Hanu beef.  EJ washed the dishes, and I dried them as well as took out the trash.  Then it was time to meet Dad and Anita in Beomgye.

It was sad seeing everyone go.  It was such a packed crazy time.  It went fast, but each day was full.  I’m so happy they finally saw how we live in Korea.  Next time we’ll do it on a more individual basis.

EJ and I returned home, plopped into bed, and took a long well deserved nap.

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