Eun Jeong has been up and down, mostly down. She doesn’t get morning sickness, but I think she’d prefer to have it over the constant bouts of colds and fevers. She hasn’t had a full night’s sleep. She wakes up every three hours. She’s constantly clammy.

Today was my second-to-last visit to the dentist. They’ll put the crown on Thursday. They filled my tooth with some stuff that makes my mouth taste like I’m chewing a balloon. EJ met me downstairs as I left the dentist. She had been craving Samgyetang since last night. She again was craving one of the last things I wanted to eat. I think the ginseng and the little treasures are the interesting things about Samgyetang. But the rest of it is a bland exercise in bone picking. But I really wanted my lady to get what she needed, so a little chicken soup was on the menu.

It was a little rough for me, considering that I couldn’t eat hot foods, and the soup came out boiling. But EJ looked healthier and had color in her skin by the end of her bowl. I was hungry again just thirty minutes later.

I came home tonight, and she was really bad off again. After dinner, I told her to just take a shower and go to bed, which she did. I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, vacuumed and put away the clothes. It’s not so bad when I have interesting stuff on the iPod. This evening was the latest episode of Lostcasts, and it ended right when I finished putting away the last shirt.

This past weekend was busy. I had a big meeting for a project in downtown Seoul at 10 a.m. Saturday. I then headed south of the river to the seminar on blogger copyright issues by Tatter & Media. I haven’t been paying close attention to emails lately, I guess, because when I went to their office in Gangnam, some guys told me they weren’t there anymore. So I called Josh Hall for directions.

“It’s where the McDonald’s and CGV are.”

That was way down the other way in Gangnam, so I walked there. Took twenty minutes. I called back. A few people got on the phone with me to figure out where I was. Turned out that I was supposed to look for the McDonald’s and CGV in Apgujeong.

Good ole Korea. Where the streets have no name.

I followed more “find the 7-Eleven” directions when I got to Apgujeong. By the time I got there, the seminar was over, and everyone was munching at a restaurant. I still was able to show my face and say hi.

Josh and I left to catch up on schtuff. He brought some bottles of Riesling, and we went to his ‘hood and munched on mixed jeon (pancakes) with good wine at a hole-in-the-wall pajeon joint. We then graduated to a stronger Barolo up on his balcony garden with a nice view of southern Seoul.

That was my only drinking night this whole week. I’ve been pretty good with myself lately. Just to say I can do it, I’ve been trying to see if I can go vegetarian for a whole day. I succeeded Friday. And it was good. I felt great. The trick is to eat foods that are super packed with flavor, like Indian food. I had some mutton on Saturday, but that was the only meat I had all weekend. Tried out this one restaurant that I just have to feature in the next 10 Magazine. Not gonna say what it is, but they serve olive oil so deliciously fruity that I want to put it into a cocktail.

I’ve been obsessed and getting more so with the baby. I really am getting excited and wish that this pregnancy would speed up. I’m becoming that annoying guy who always talks about his baby. Get ready for me to put Alkongi’s picture as my Facebook profile. We watched three quarters of a Discovery Health program on pregnancy. Good stuff, but I wish they had more time to expand on each stage. It was going by so quickly. I’m trying to put EJ’s mind at ease, but I think I’m freaking her out even more.

We got a new baby purchase today, an ear thermometer. It really is for Eun Jeong, but it counts as a baby purchase too.

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