It’s coming full circle.

Is that the right use of that phrase?

Watching Anthony Bourdain’s “A Cook’s Tour” inspired me to go ahead and move to Asia. I always said he had the dream job as a travel host.

Now I’m one.

Yeah, it’s not The Travel Channel. It’s Arirang. But I’m still living a dream. This summer we’ll be taping episodes of “ecotours” in Korea. Right now I’m in a dorm at a Buddhist temple in Pyeongchang. I’m wearing Buddhist garb and have to keep my hands folded just right when walking around. Also had a pretty darn good temple dinner.

So today we started our three-day shoot. It was mostly the temple and the forest leading to it. We tried to do an opening near the top of a mountain, but it was too foggy.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up at 3:50 to do prayers and 108 bows. I’ll ride an ATV and a mountain coaster. I’ll check out some markets and local cuisine. And on Sunday, weather permitting, I’ll go paragliding.

Gonna catch some rest now. Gotta be up for prayers in a few hours.

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