I’ll post the entry I wrote about what happened two weeks ago later. Things are better now, and we’re just biding time. Anne is leaving sometime in the next month. James is heading back to the states because this was just a summer job for him. I’m scrambling to find his replacement. It’s strange being on the other end now. I’m looking at resumes, and I conduct my first job interview tomorrow. I’m learning more about how people look at resumes.NOTE: Cover letters and introductions are very important. Hobbies and interests — eh.

We’re looking for James’ replacement, Anne’s, and a part-timer to take over Roberta’s classes. By the time I’m finished interviewing and hiring all these folks, I should be able to post some better insights and advice on how to get noticed by employers.

Last Wednesday, Roberta and I went to the English Bug, an English textbook store, to finally nail down what classes get which books. I’m proud to say that we have set up a pretty good book strategy, based on my experience with teaching certain books and knowing what interests the kids. I also found the best books to use if we ever taught adult and very advanced courses.

And, yeah, I indulged in a few whims. One class is now studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m also doing a pilot writing course. No, it’s not a course for airmen wanting to write, it’s — never mind.

My family has returned from their “Regis and Kelly” cruise, and Mom said they were on TV every day doing different things. They also met some celebs that I cared about more than they did (Ted McGinley, dude).

I did get an R2-D2-looking dehumidifier and an air conditioner, just in time for monsoon season. The rains have started. It’s not like last year, where we had two weeks of rain with no let up. We’re having periods and full days of sunshine. I’m just dreading when the rainy season stops and the blistering heat begins.

The dehumidifier totally changed the BatCave. The first week I had it, I had to empty the filled gallon bucket every six hours.

At work, we’ve been trying to avoid as many conflicts as possible. But every day there is some new drama, and there doesn’t have to be. Problems are getting fixed, though. Schedule’s fixed. Book issue is almost completely fixed. Hopefully we’ll hire some folks who will be more concerned about their jobs than their breaks.

I am sounding a lot different than I did a year ago.

Oh yeah. I spent the weekend struggling to set up an archive for the web site. Everything I tried failed. Then I got an idea last night and got it running in five minutes. So there’s now an archive. Woo hoo! Assah!

Friday, James and I headed to Ansan to meet Jeremy, Liz, and Brian for an old fashioned night out in Handaeap. We ate at my favorite kalbi place. We had drinks at Nuna’s Jjokki-Jjokki. We then spent the late evening at Magic Castle.

James got to experience the cocktail show, but it did feel a bit like a downer. Rick and Silver had left and were replaced by some nerdy guys. They could juggle, but they didn’t have the style of the old crew. No fires. No jumping on the bar. No smashed glasses.

We crashed at Jeremy and Liz’s place and headed home at 8:30 in the morning. I did miss Handaeap a bit, and it was nice to be back for a night.

Eun Jeong is addicted to the Vietnamese pho place. I think she came all the way down Monday just for that.

Also, the food at school is phenomenal. Monday the smells emanating from the kitchen reminded me of summers on Dauphin Island. The cook had made a crab soup with halved crabs inside. She made a big mess o’ bulgogi the next day. And today the fried fish was so fresh, the kitchen smelled like a fish market.

Work is kicking my butt, but I’m happier than I was before. I get a rush from organizing the place and solving problems. Let’s hope this feeling lasts.

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