Eun Jeong hasn’t been sick since this weekend. She’s actually been in sunny spirits despite the chilly front that passed this week. We’ve been spending a lot of bonding time together, and I’ve been trying to do as many housechores as I can. I think I complained about something this morning and called her “Queen Eun Jeong.”

She replied, “If you treat me like a queen, I’ll make you a king.”

She still has aversions to much good food, like grilled meat. But she did have an unquenchable craving for grilled fish yesterday. Our favorite grilled fish place closed down six months ago. She went online to find a reputable place in Anyang. She found one in Indeogwon, near my workplace. It was my type of hole-in-the-wall place. We ordered the modeum gui, which included three different kinds of fish. Moist, charred, nicely salted with crispy skin. The banchan was what made the place. Each little side dish had something unique about it to make it stand out from banchan in other restaurants. I don’t like Korean bean sprouts much. To me, they taste soapy. But she applied some black pepper to them, and that got rid of the soapy flavor. The cucumber kimchi had something that tasted like parsley.

The lady talked to us most of the time. She lived thirty years in our neighborhood and was looking to open a place out there. She knew more about the restaurants there than we did. Eun Jeong loved the restaurant, and I think she already wants to go back. The lady bragged that she has some local magkeolli. EJ said it was a little illegal. She gave me a bowl of it to try, and it was heavenly. Floral going down with a cereal aftertaste. Pure country.

We split a waffle and gelato set over coffee and hot chocolate afterwards, and then I headed to work.

This morning we finished watching the pregnancy documentary. EJ couldn’t watch the actual labor and birth. I had no trouble with it. They showed two mothers give birth. I was watery eyed when the babies started crying. I can’t WAIT!!

It feels like we’re heading towards the end of the first trimester. Just a couple of weeks to go. Mom says that EJ will regain her taste buds and will eat everything in sight. I hope she at least gains a taste for grilled meat. Summer’s coming.

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