Sometimes I think that Eun Jeong is quite clever–despite what she says I say. We have a system at our apartment building where we share two elevators. They both go to the first floor and basement. But after that, one goes to even numbered floors and the other goes to odd number floors. We’re on the 16th floor, and it was always annoying that one elevator was sitting on the 13th while the one designated for our floor was heading down to the basement. Sometimes I just took the stairs to the 15th floor and pushed the button.

Eun Jeong figured out that if we just push the up button on the other elevator it comes to our level.


The spooky think I allude to in the title occurred Friday when I was taking my morning walk on the mountain. While going down, I passed a cluster of police vehicles and officers, many with photo and video cameras. There was one person who didn’t look like an officer, and he had his wrists tied to his front with a pink jacket laid over them. It looked like he was trying to show them where something was located.

Use your imagination to figure out what. I don’t know, and I’d rather not speculate.

I passed by like stuff like that was a natural everyday occurance. Picked a lot of wild raspberries that morning.

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