I know I have been grossly incognito when I get emails from family asking if I’m not in jail.

I’m fine. I’ve just been extraordinarily busy.

The EBS shows wrap up at the end of this month. I’m looking forward to that. I want my weekends back. I also have been busy with editing movies for the school. Chris P., the computer geek’s ubergeek, upgraded his computer for his birthday to some amazing system. The cooling fan alone looks like the fan on a car engine. As a result, he passed the guts of his other computer down to me. So I have had a major upgrade.

That explains why I have had no computer access for a week.

Now I have a much faster system with surround sound speakers, USB 2.0, and a sound card ten years younger than my previous one.

I’ve also started doing some freelance (paid) food writing again, but more on that on a later date.

The big event lately is that Ben Teacher and his wife are leaving for Canada today for a year. So we are in teacher transition at the school.

This month also marks the one year point of my lawsuit against Unnamed Hagwon and Unnamed Hagwon Owner. Honestly, no news is good news until we get more info on the appeal later this summer.

Because of the multiple legal issues, I have canceled my trip to America for my family reunion, but I’ll go back there some time. Eun Jeong and I are talking about vacation alternatives for our summer week off. Maybe rafting. That’s always fun.

This summer will be a doozy. We got a good deal on an air conditioner yesterday. The lawsuit prevented us from getting an air con last year.

Really, this is not much of an exciting entry. I’ve just been busy with work and projects, and I haven’t had much interesting to write about.

I got my copy of the book, and I like it. I wish some of the essays were longer. More newspapers are interviewing me about my legal issues. Unnamed Hagwon may become the poster child for typical crooked Korean English schools in the press.

Just a note to say I’m okay. I’ll have pictures and more details later.

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