I can’t believe it!

I actually had a problem-free experience at Immigration yesterday. Chris, his wife, and I went to Immigration together. They were getting approval for a new teacher, which had run into some snags. I was extending my contract for another year.

This time, I just filled out the usual form, waited for my number, turned in my paperwork, paid with a revenue stamp, sat back down to wait, and received my updated Alien Registration Card.

I’m now legal for another year.

The only hassle was that the place to buy revenue stamps was moved from the basement to the second floor, where they process Chinese immigrants. The signs on the second floor are only in Korean and Chinese. So I noted the Korean sign for “Revenue Stamps” on the remnants of the basement office and found the equivalent Korean sign on the second floor.

Meanwhile, even though a thunderstorm had knocked out half the power in the building where Chris and his wife were registering the new teacher, his papers started their processing without a hitch. Their only trouble was that they had forgotten a photo to add to the application, which they cleverly solved by getting the teacher to scan his passport, email it to Korea, and get it downloaded, touched up, and printed at a photo shop.

As touched on before, the rainy season started yesterday. I think I’m the only person who likes it. It reminds me of home. If only there was more lightning and thunder. I would love to watch a thunderstorm over the city from my apartment. The weather here is obviously mild compared to the violent thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes from home.

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