It has already been four years since the last move. That move in 2014 was a big one. I had lived in that apartment and in Anyang longer than I’d lived anywhere in my adult life. So much history had happened there, including my marriage and the birth of my daughter.

What made the transition bearable was the awesome brand new apartment we were moving into in Gimpo, in a growing yet bucolic neighborhood. So many hopes we had when we moved in. I keep remembering when we first walked inside our new place before we moved and all the space we had. All the brightness. So much I planned to do.

We did do a lot, but it wasn’t all I had planned. Soon after moving in was when the whirlwind of Anthony Bourdain happened. Then it was the series of challenges–losing my comfortable job in Seoul, growing the tour business, the two restaurant ventures, the seizure, and now where we are now.

Honestly, we’re doing quite fine now. And could be much better. EJ felt off from the moment we moved in. She immediately pointed out flaws in the apartment to counter my Polyanna glow. She’s of the opinion that this place has been bad luck for us.

It’s from this attitude that I’m moving forward. I really liked this apartment and our complex, despite it being run evilly by Hanhwa. Because we didn’t have close to half a million dollars available when they gave us a month to decide to buy it this year, we decided to move out. At the time, it looked like apartment prices were booming in this area because of the new development and the new subway line being built here. So we took whatever good deal we could get then, which is across the street at a much older apartment complex. It’s around the same size as this one, but it’s not as modern with not as many amenities–like underground spacious parking spaces.

A few months after we clinched this place, it was announced that the opening of the new subway line was delayed, so prices softened. I still think we’re overdue for a major contraction in the market.

I still haven’t seen this new place, and it’s weighing heavily on my mind. EJ isn’t thrilled about the dark cherry molding, which is dated. We like the bright sunny designs of modern apartments like the one we’re leaving.

The main factor in our move was Jian. We’re trying to keep her stable in her school with her friends. In fact, she’ll be closer to a lot of her school friends.

I see this move as temporary. It’s a two-year contract. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still considering leaving Korea for a while. We have our eyes on buying a new place still. And we really like this neighborhood.

I see this as a catalyst for more change. I need that kick in the pants. I’ve gotten too complacent since the seizure and spinal fracture. It’s difficult to feel energetic when shocking back spasms pop up. I’m working hard to overcome this.  I hope to make a lot of personal changes. I hope EJ feels better after the move than she has the past four years here.

I just want this move over with. I hate sitting here, enveloped in my memories, living in what feels like a hotel room.

It still feels like a lot of things are going to change. Some big things–like a large freight train speeding right up to my face.

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