Well, it looks like the new channel has been unveiled and is on the air. We saw a little thing about it on the main EBS channel this morning. It’s now called “EBSenglish,” or “EBSe.”

I’ll admit, I’m pretty impressed with it. Man, my acting needs to get better. As of now, they have the first episode of one of my shows, “Spy Zone,” on their site. There’s not a hard and fast link to it because most all the EBSe web site is done in Flash.

You really want to watch it?

Okay, don’t laugh. Well, laugh if you want to. It’s pretty funny. Keep in mind that we were doing this late, late, late at night. There is one part while the kids were drawing where you can see me peeking at my script under the table. And there are many moments where I have this “Where am I? Do I have a line next?” look on my face.

  1. Go to www.ebse.co.kr
  2. On the right of the animated map, click on the building that has the “Elementary” sign pop up.
  3. On the left column, click on the picture of the TV screen with color bars on it (the uppermost graphic on the column in an orange box) that says “방송프로그램.”
  4. Click on the icon of a TV next to “SEL 4.”
  5. Enjoy. NOTE: This only works in Internet Explorer.

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