Man, stuff has been happenin’, hasn’t it?

I have been getting a lot of concerns from people, and I just want to say Wow! Thanks.

What a lot of people see as problems I see as opportunities. A very wise teacher of mine stopped in the middle of class, became silent, and told us all, “Never lose your optimism. No matter what happens to you in life, hold on to it and never let it go.”

I have lived by that advice, and I think that–well, I don’t want to think of where I would be if I didn’t live by that mantra (for anyone who knows my history).

A couple of people have taken pessimistic attitudes to the whole thing. They are the types that confuse adolescent cynicism with wisdom and call pessimism “reality.”

I have learned that we start idealistic in childhood, become cynical in adolescence, and only when we grow out of this adolescent cynicism and rediscover our idealism do we truly experience wisdom.

Nonetheless, I’m still staying mum on everything. I know that the person attacking me does read this site, even though she doesn’t understand much English. If she understood the English, she wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes.

I do yearn for the day when I can rename “ZenKimchi Adventures” to “ZenKimchi’s Pretty Boring Life.”

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