Now that the pop-up is done, along with the big string of tours and showing around the team from Men’s Health, I’m catching up on my work. But that’s also distracting me from working on the business. I want to get more brochures out, but I have no time. I have a new slew of websites to design while spending half my day fixing whimsical little problems with the existing ones. The frustrating ones are little design modifications that would seem logical and easy from just looking at the screen. But they require digging through all the code and figuring out which is the acupressure point to change it, hoping that it won’t break another part of the site. That takes a shiteload of time.

Right when I was wrapping up to go out the door, I got an email from Joshua at Wine Korea. His site wouldn’t pull up anything but an error that I had never seen before. I searched the internet for some hints. Whatever I tried didn’t work. I backed up the website. When I looked at the wp-config file, I saw gibberish. The site got hacked.


Luckily the database wasn’t bothered. I deleted the WordPress files and loaded up a new copy. Faster to write about than do. The server that this is on is slow. I just noticed that now that I’m working with other servers. I was able to go out and get a pizza and eat it long before the whole thing was done. But it ended up working okay. I figured out that plug-in that was causing the whole problem and deactivated it. Also set up a new backup plug-in while hardening the security a bit more. Was after 9:00 when I left the office.

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