A quick little example of how stupid I am…

Eun Jeong has been at her mother’s in Gyeongju for the past week to recharge her batteries. I’ve been having a good ole time this week playing computer games and eating foods that I’m forbidden to eat when she’s around. I’ve even broken out my pipe (tobacco) for its semi-annual smoke.

Today I went to work and forgot to bring my cell phone because it was next to my bed, which it usually isn’t. It’s usually next to the door or the computer so I can remember. No big deal. I’ve left it at home in the past, and really, I go days without receiving phone calls. So I never miss it. It’s more of a pocket watch, if anything.

At work, I’ve been working on little projects which requires the use of the USB drive on my keychain.

You can see where this is going.

After work, I took the buses back. They were timed well. One of the buses had a broken card reader, so I rode it for free. I walked up to the apartment and didn’t have to wait for the elevator. I got up to our floor and reached in my pocket for my keys.

No keys. They were still in the computer at school.

No problem. I’ll just knock on the…

Oh yeah. Eun Jeong is out of town. Oh well. I’ll call Chris and…

The phone is locked in the house.

Maybe I could take the bus back to school and get in. I have the key…

No I don’t. That’s the whole root of the problem. I’ll have to call Chris from a pay phone.

But the number is on my cell phone.

I guess my old self would have panicked. I have learned to stay calm in these situations and remind myself that I have survived worse. I collected my thoughts and came up with a few plans and back up plans. The ultimate back up plan involved a night in a sauna.

I walked down to a PC room and looked up the job ad we posted yesterday. It had Chris’ number on it. I wrote it down and went to the pay phone down the street.

It was broken.

The first pay phone I found that worked was down at the E-Mart bus stop. I was able to get through to Chris, and he came by a few minutes later and rescued me.

After getting my key, we went out for chicken and beer and had one of the best conversations we’ve had in a long time.

Nonetheless, the events leading up to it have made me feel too stupid to show my face outside the house. I’m so happy to be home now. It’s freakin’ cold out there!

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