Just got home.

It’s the time of year for goodbyes.  Ian Mc is leaving Korea Wednesday with his young family for home in Canada.  He hasn’t been back in eight years.  He stopped by work one last time, and the whole group, including the Korean support staff, went out to Uncle Don.  I had been dying for a burrito.  Since I have to get up early for what’s becoming a regular radio gig on Fridays at TBS eFM 101.3 (11:30 a.m.), I just had my burrito, two beers, and called it a night.

It was raining when I left the building.  My umbrella got claimed by a student in the last shower, so I stopped by the closest convenience store and asked if they had any umbrellas (in Korean).  The guy went into the back room and brought out an umbrella display.  I got a little cheapo.  It was a perfect night.

I unwrapped and opened the umbrella, rigged up my iPod, and lit one of the Cuban cigars I got from our Korean friend overseas.  It was the perfect walk home.  The walk took just long enough to smoke the entire cigar.

You know, I’m hardly rich.  I’m not even middle class.  But I live well.

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