Would We Be Safer if the Fish were American?

Brendon Carr at Korea Law Blog brings up an on target point about the recent finding that one-third of fish randomly checked in Seoul supermarkets had “Golden Staph,” one of those superbugs that is resistant to conventional antibiotics. The authorities said that they were “considering administrative measures including a possible recall.”


Exhibit A: A miniscule bone chip is found in an entire shipment of U.S. beef, and it’s immediately sent back.

Exhibit B: One-third of fish has a killer incurable strain of bacteria and Korean authorities are only thinking of considering of maybe possibly recalling them.


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The KFDA Isn't the Only One


2 thoughts on “Would We Be Safer if the Fish were American?”

  1. Back off the KFDA! They are very busy trying to get rid of all products that interfere with the sale of domestic products. That leaves precious little time for checking out said domestic products, which BTW you should be buying regardless of potential life-threatening danger, since they are KOREAN MADE, ergo the best! We really don’t need your kind of hate in this country…


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