Wondergirls “K-Food Party”–Prepare Barf Bag

Okay, so now we’re seeing what the government’s spending spree to K-pop producers’ pockets is producing. Brace yourselves. I present the Wondergirls with “K-Food Party.”

Kinda feels like a 1980s ABC Saturday morning PSA, right?

I also wonder what is so Korean about strawberries?

Korea has healthy food and strawberries. It also has four seasons!

So, they’re going again with the approach–the assumption–that English speaking nations have no access to healthy foods and “K-food” is here to save the day. As if Americans haven’t had “eat smart” messages crammed down their throats for a couple of generations. Kimchi and ginseng get mentions, but really, the whole song is about eating your fruits and vegetables.

Thanks Mom!

I think The Chopper did it better.

And a whole lot more vintage healthy eating PSAs

Personally, I think a lot of western-style restaurants in Korea need to watch this.


Korean Kitchen Hacking: The Turducken Roll

ZenKimchi on TV: Jeju


7 thoughts on “Wondergirls “K-Food Party”–Prepare Barf Bag”

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  2. Oh good lord I couldn’t even watch that video.
    That kid in the “Kids react to Kpop” who called SNSD “Asian Rebecca Black” was watching the wrong video.

    The song sounds like it was written by a committee of teachers from Seoul Sing & Chant English School.


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