Christmas Rice Cake

  Merry Christmas! Today, I present my Christmas rice cake to you.  Although I started with a grand vision of creating a whole Santa’s village, after a tree and Santa, I came to senses and accepted the lack of my skill, patience, time and space (on the cake...

Korea Day in Central Park

Korea Day in New York happened on Tuesday, August 16th, almost 2 weeks ago.  This post is way overdue, but I still want to share some pictures from the day.  Also, the video clip is poorly shot with my iphone, but I thought it would give you an idea of the vibe of the...

March Mayhem 2011 Champion

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a champion! Suwon Galbi is the winner of ZenKimchi’s March Mayhem 2011. It had been a long arduous battle that ended close with just a 3-point spread. They are celebrating in Suwon tonight! “I can’t believe it!...
Korean Christmas Cakes 2010

Korean Christmas Cakes 2010

Okay, we get it. It’s winter. Can we have the sun and warm weather back please? We’ve just had the coldest December day in thirty years. A perfect day to go out and take pictures of Christmas cakes. As snarky as I may get about some of the cakes, I admire...

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