Christmas Dinner in Korea

I just remembered–Galbijim has a whole page dedicated to tracking down Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in Korea, as well as turkeys. May I also add that I’ve heard a rumor that Chef Meilinger (Chef Meili) plans to have roast goose with an Old Worlde...
Good Dark Hot Chocolate

Good Dark Hot Chocolate

Let’s get these Christmas Chronicles rollin’. The holidays are a tough time for ex-pats who are away from their families. I do the best I can to overcompensate with food and beverages. I’m craving some of my egg nog. Gotta make some of that soon. In...

Christmas Cookies, Dammit

Really did the Christmas thing this time. I’ve gotten tired of lonely ex-pat Christmases. I’m going to have my Christmas, dammit! Even though Eun Jeong spent the last two Christmases with me, this was our first one while living together, so this was a new...
Easy French Onion Soup in Korea

Easy French Onion Soup in Korea

Man, I have missed French onion soup. Major comfort food. This was part of my Christmas menu this year. What had stopped me from making it earlier was my boneheaded francophiliac puritanism. I felt that you needed brown beef stock and sherry to make it properly....

Egg Nog

I’m one of those people who really loves egg nog. Back home, I would buy cartons and cartons of the stuff when it was in season. I once had homemade egg nog, and I didn’t like it. I missed having egg nog last year, so this year I thought I’d figure...

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