Modern Korean

Duck with Yuja-Omija Sauce

When the wife is away, ZenKimchi’s gonna play–in the kitchen. EJ is spending some time with her family this week, and I have been using … Read more

Sesame Leaf Pesto

Here is the original article I turned in to The Korea Herald without the editors’ touches: Living in a culture that’s not your own is … Read more

Korean Baba Ganoush

We are flooded with summer eggplants. What to do with them all? Eun Jeong usually makes a Korean side dish by chopping them up, cooking … Read more

Korean Sloppy Joes

Growing up with the name Joe can have its pitfalls while growing up. “Yo, Joe!” “Joe Piscopo!” “Joe-mamma!” “Where’re you goin’ with that gun in … Read more