Korean Kitchen Hacking

Mock of the Walk Coleslaw

This is my mock up of my favorite restaurant slaw. The preparation method I got from Alton Brown. INGREDIENTS 1 head of Cabbage, thinly shredded … Read more

Gourmet Beanie Weenies

Sometimes I enjoy a simple food from childhood. Of course I make it a little more grown up. Korean stores have canned baked beans, but … Read more

The Veggie Burger Fiasco

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Honestly, I have grown to like veggie burgers. Veggie burger technology, coming from the chemical geniuses … Read more

Welsh Rabbit Mac and Cheese

I found cheddar!!! Seriously, the cheese section at Korean supermarkets is as large as the kimchi section in American ones. They mostly have just processed … Read more

How to make Gumbo in Korea

So far, this may be my crowning achievement in attempting to mimic foods from home with Korean ingredients. It’s also funny that foods I didn’t … Read more