Makgeolli, Korea’s Fizzy Brew–ZenKimchi Foodcast #4

Makgeolli, Korea’s Fizzy Brew–ZenKimchi Foodcast #4

Julia Mellor from the Makgeolli Mamas and Papas joins to talk about–what else–makgeolli, that wonderful rice brew that’s taken off in Korea, Japan, and likely will do so in your neighborhood. The ZenKimchi Foodcast covers Korean food and other Asian...

Korean Summer Foods–ZenKimchi Foodcast #2

Today we talk about the top ten Korean summer foods with legendary TV and radio host Ahn Junghyun on 1013 Main Street (TBS eFM 101.3 Seoul). I then give a recipe for Hui DeopBap–sashimi bibimbap. Break out your chopsticks! Subscribe in...

Korean Restaurant Survival–ZenKimchi Foodcast #1

We have a new Korean food podcast! The ZenKimchi Foodcast covers Korean food and other Asian cuisines with basic info, news, interviews, and recipes. You can listen to it here or grab the feed. Subscribe in iTunes. On this first episode, I discuss the basics of Korean...

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