TED Talk is Online–WATCH!

The talk I did for the worldwide TED talent search is online, along with my Seoul compadres. I talked about the meteoric rise of Korean food. I did have a flub in the middle, but I recovered. Still makes me cringe to see that. You can watch it here–and vote if...

My Footage on Serial Killer Earth (H2 channel)

I’ve just been informed that my footage of last year’s landslide at the EBS studios will be on “Serial Killer Earth,” a series on H2 (I think that means History Channel 2). It will first air on Saturday night (June 30th) and will repeat at...
Pop-up Diary

Pop-up Diary

This is a quick behind-the-scenes diary of setting up ZenKimchi and Seoul in the City’s pop-up restaurant, Back Kitchen Seoul. Read Seoul in the City’s account, too. For reviews on how the food and the evening actually went, check these out: Pop-up...
Self-serve Beer Bars

Self-serve Beer Bars

I’d been hearing about self-serve beer bars not only opening but exploding in Seoul. These types of bars exist in other cities around the world, but it’s a very new concept in Korea, and it’s catching on quickly. Import beers are becoming popular...

Christmas Rice Cake

  Merry Christmas! Today, I present my Christmas rice cake to you.  Although I started with a grand vision of creating a whole Santa’s village, after a tree and Santa, I came to senses and accepted the lack of my skill, patience, time and space (on the cake...
Jjajangmyeon: Noodles with Black Bean Sauce

Jjajangmyeon: Noodles with Black Bean Sauce

It’s an odd time to talk about jjajangmyeon, in mid-November when everything is about Thanksgiving dishes.  Yet we just eat normal, simple food that nourishes us and comforts us until that one big day.  Aren’t we all tired of hearing one more great idea...

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