Kimchi Beer?

Kimchi Beer?

I guess kimchi is really catching on now. The Korea Times has posted a story on two brewers, one from Ontario and the other from Philadelpia, who have incorporated kimchi into making one of their beers. How did this idea come about? Jimmy McMillan from Philadelphia:...

BBC and Experts Agree with ZenKimchi

A BBC article was recently published, “Selling South Korea: No ‘sparkling’ brand image” by Lucy Williamson. It delves into the Korean governments efforts to promote Korea’s brand. Williamson interviews government officials and experts...

Yonhap Feature: Manhattan ushers in the modern Korean dining experience (in Korean) 한글번역) 맨하탄의 모던 한식

I translated my latest feature article for Yonhap News (Manhattan ushers in the modern Korean dining experience) into Korean. 얼마전 연합뉴스 영문판에 쓴 기사지만, 더 많은 분들과 공유하고자 한글로 옮겨봅니다.  직역 보다 내용의 흐름에 충실한 의역정도로, 다소 한글 표현이 매끄럽지 못하더라도 이해해주세요.   맨하탄의 모던 한식 맨하탄의 한국음식의 인기는 돌솥 비빔밥의 경쾌한...

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