Food Trend

The Future of Street Food?

Based on Tammy’s and Seoul Sub–>Urban’s posts, I wanted to check out this “Bomb Rice” Poktanbap 폭탄밥 in Noryangjin. I was in the area anyway. … Read more

Food Find: Ranch Dressing

Seriously, Ranch dressing has been one of those elusive items that American expats had always taken for granted before coming to Korea. The only places … Read more

Korean tacos come to Atlanta

by Tammy Korean taco trucks are no longer limited to America’s West Coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. Now Atlanta, the largest … Read more

Interview: Smoked Olive Oil

Walk down any grocery store aisle in the United States and you will find a bounty of olive oils flavored with garlic, orange, lemon, chili pepper and rosemary. You may have one or two spending shelf time your pantry shelf right now. But you probably don’t have smoked olive oil hanging out there — yet.