Food Trend

Premium Kimbap?

Food trends in Seoul these days tend to center around foreign cuisine. I was happy to find that we are finding new innovations with Korean … Read more

TRENDWATCH: Schneeballen

These have been popping up in various places around Seoul. They originate from Rothenberg, Germany, one of my favorite places in Europe, but I had … Read more

Bamboo Salt Almonds

As I mentioned, I need a mid-afternoon snack. I find that a bag o’ nuts does me fine. My usual mixed nuts I couldn’t find … Read more

Self-serve Beer Bars

I’d been hearing about self-serve beer bars not only opening but exploding in Seoul. These types of bars exist in other cities around the world, … Read more

Finds and Trends at Korea Food Expo 2011

Last month was the annual Korea Food Expo at the COEX, which seems to be getting bigger each year. To me, this is a theme park. They have one section that is like a museum of Korean cuisine. Then there’s a section of Korean vendors.

PB Sighting: Banh Mi

The Vietnamese hoagie that was trendy in America is popping its buns up in Korea. This chicken version was sighted and eaten at Paris Croissant … Read more