Beyond Kimchi and BBQ

Last weekend was quite hectic, filled with pleasant surprises, new and old friends, and lots of (thoughts, plans, preparations, and consumption of) food, food, food.  It started with … Read more

"Star Chef" Kim on EBS

It’s already started, but catch ZenKimchi community and expat favorite Chef Hu-nam Kim of Star Chef on EBS all this week.  Here are the details. … Read more

Mike Breen's Korea 2068

Longtime Korea gadfly Michael Breen has posted a great tongue-in-cheek rundown of how Korea will be in 2068. Despite the head-scratching political overtones (“Many, including … Read more

The Food of "Shikgaek"

I’ve gone back to trying to watch “Shikgaek,” or as the English blogs now call it, “Gourmet.” Call me a curmudgeon. The food porn on … Read more

Trouble in Han River City!

In the spirit of The Amateur Gourmet, I threw together a musical number for the SeoulPodcast about the beef hysteria. Trouble in Han River City

Watched Shikgaek

I watched the first episode of Shikgaek Tuesday night. I’ll keep watching it for the food, even though it suffers from the same awkwardness and, … Read more