My Footage on Serial Killer Earth (H2 channel)

I’ve just been informed that my footage of last year’s landslide at the EBS studios will be on “Serial Killer Earth,” a series on H2 (I think that means History Channel 2). It will first air on Saturday night (June 30th) and will repeat at...

Audio Exclusive: Ojjingga by Hardtack and Gruel

Hardtack and Gruel have gone to the studio and recorded a demo of their crowd pleaser Ojjingga–an anti-ode to the smelly leathery dried pub grub that’s dropped in front of drinkers in Korean hofs. You can listen to it here and download it from Reverb...

Beyond Kimchi and BBQ

Last weekend was quite hectic, filled with pleasant surprises, new and old friends, and lots of (thoughts, plans, preparations, and consumption of) food, food, food.  It started with Korea Day on Friday, my dear friends’ wedding on Saturday, and finally a day of...
"Star Chef" Kim on EBS

"Star Chef" Kim on EBS

It’s already started, but catch ZenKimchi community and expat favorite Chef Hu-nam Kim of Star Chef on EBS all this week.  Here are the details. Show Name: 최고의 요리비결 (Best Cook’s Recipe) – EBS Mon. August 10 – Fri. August 15 11:00 – 11:30...

Mike Breen's Korea 2068

Longtime Korea gadfly Michael Breen has posted a great tongue-in-cheek rundown of how Korea will be in 2068. Despite the head-scratching political overtones (“Many, including Korea, have adopted a flat tax regime”) and ironic cheerleading of its published...
The Food of "Shikgaek"

The Food of "Shikgaek"

I’ve gone back to trying to watch “Shikgaek,” or as the English blogs now call it, “Gourmet.” Call me a curmudgeon. The food porn on the show just ain’t doin’ it for me. They show many things that look pretty, usually in...

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