The Dick Stick

This amusing Engrish is brought you by the good folks at Epicourageous.

Toilet-themed Restaurant

My friend found this on Asian Pop with YeinJee. This toilet-themed restaurant, a chain really, is in Taiwan. Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s only a matter … Read more

What About Bob?

I saw this ad on TV, and I went, “Wha…?” It’s not just the ad itself. Just think about it — Bob and Yogurt?Oh, that … Read more

Tomato Popsicle

I know that technically a tomato is a fruit. In Korea, it is literally treated as a fruit. They are usually sold in the fruit … Read more

Strawberry Flavored Squid

I had seen peanut butter flavored squid at the movie theaters. A Geek in Korea has found something else new…

Corn Ice Cream

Continuing my fun with 50% off ice cream, the second interesting item I found was corn ice cream. Did they really mean corn? Corn corn? … Read more