Bulgogi Spaghetti Sauce?

Ottogi’s Fresco, the general jarred spaghetti brand for Korea, recently introduced a Bulgogi flavor. As you can see, it’s “Beef 12%!” I’m not a big … Read more

English Menu Crime: Sherbert?

This one comes from the infamous Caffé Bene, who should know better. It is advertising its line of patbingsu as “sherberts.” Now patbingsu has shaved … Read more

The Prison Bar

This was a late night smartphone pic. Please forgive the less than professional finesse. I’d heard about this prison bar, called Gamok 감옥 (“Jail”) in … Read more

A Tribute to Isaac Toast

Westerners in Korea have a love-mostly-hate relationship with Isaac Toast. Before McDonald’s started serving breakfast a few years ago, it was the closest we got … Read more

Plain Hot Dog FAIL

Here’s a classic example showing that Koreans can’t leave any foreign food alone. Everything has to be gussied up in squeeze bottle sauces. I mean, … Read more

Kiwi Strawberry “Toast”

Brian out of Jeollanam-do recently did a cell phone pic dump from his time in Korea. One notable pic was what was actually considered palatable … Read more