Delicious Seoul Scenes

Here are a few things I’ve been doing in Seoul for the last 2 weeks… Pollock stew (생태찌개 – saeng tae jji gae) in a … Read more

ZenKimchi on TV: Andong, Busan and More

This is another one of my favorite episodes. We did most of this with the new crew, and they were very efficient. This is a good food episode. We travel down the Nakdong River and hit Andong and Busan, two of my favorite towns.

ZenKimchi on TV: Pyeongchang

This was the first episode we filmed, starting in late May. Most of the time they chose my wardrobe, so don’t think I normally dress in lime sherbert cardigans. Here are some highlights, commentary, and trivia from the shoot

ZenKimchi on TV: Jeju

Finally got my hands on a copy. This is the first of six episodes of G-Korea I did for Arirang this summer, traveling around Korea. This is about Jeju Island. I do some parasailing and go out on a yacht. I hump it up a mountain at four in the morning to watch a sunrise.

Trip Down the Geum River

The second episode of the travel series I’m hosting this summer explores the Baekje culture of the Three Kingdoms period. That’s a reason for not … Read more