Restaurant: Danji, New York

Restaurant: Danji, New York

The gritty Irish-American roots of the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City are giving way to a more eclectic food scene and home to Chef Hooni Kim’s Danji restaurant, which is America’s only Michelin-rated Korean restaurant. This was the second...
Restaurant: Kristalbelli, New York

Restaurant: Kristalbelli, New York

The opening of “the next Korean barbecue restaurant” in midtown Manhattan by K-pop star and producer Jin Young Park has generated some controversy. Some think the restaurant’s aesthetic is too antiseptic to provide an authentic Korean experience....

Yonhap Feature: Visitors learn to make their own Korean dishes

Here is my latest feature article for Yonhap News.  I started working on this in Seoul then finished it when I came back to New York.  I am introducing a few different options for people who are considering a Korean cooking class in Seoul.  The table below...

Delicious Seoul Scenes

Here are a few things I’ve been doing in Seoul for the last 2 weeks… Pollock stew (생태찌개 – saeng tae jji gae) in a brass pot cooked at the table.  Once ignored as a reminder of the hard times, this type of thin brass pots and bowls called yang-pun...

Shin's Korea Trip – First Update

It’s already been 10 days since I arrived in Seoul.  I try to keep a relaxed vacation pace, but that doesn’t seem to be working (not that I’m complaining).  Here are a few photos of my first days in Korea. This was my first time to Tong Young (통영), a...

ZenKimchi on TV: Andong, Busan and More

This is another one of my favorite episodes. We did most of this with the new crew, and they were very efficient. This is a good food episode. We travel down the Nakdong River and hit Andong and Busan, two of my favorite towns. Here are some highlights and commentary....

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