Eun Jeong Made Kimchi

Can you believe that this was Eun Jeong’s first time making kimchi? I’ve already made kimchi three times in the past couple of years.  Back … Read more

Annalog Tries Space Kimchi

Valuable research from Annalog. Her cousin got a set of Korean space food. Mmm… freeze-dried kimchi! Check out the video!

The Kimchi Scale?

The Asia Sentinel reports on a Joongang Daily article saying that the Korean government wants to establish standards to rate commercially produced kimchi. The standard … Read more

Mary Made Kimchi

You gotta cheq this out! Mary from maryeats has recently made her first batch of kimchi. And she has keeping the monster alive that was … Read more

Kimchi: A Short History

The Food Journal is over a year old now. It’s about time I start talking about kimchi. I’ve learned a good bit during my few … Read more