Junk Food & Treats

Bamboo Salt Almonds

As I mentioned, I need a mid-afternoon snack. I find that a bag o’ nuts does me fine. My usual mixed nuts I couldn’t find … Read more

Field Report: Jeju Hallabong Honey Bread

I recently went to Jeju-do and took a chance on a street vendor that was at the base of Mt. Sanbang temple. They were selling hot chestnuts, so I bought some. After I purchased my chestnuts, I noticed in a basket these little balls covered in seeds.

Patbingsu Quest: Cafe Ti-amo

Guest post here from ForeignerJoy, the one and only curly-haired artist who is out there looking for the perfect patbingsu. As the summer starts to heat up and your air conditioner gets cranking, one can’t help but want a cool treat in the evening.

Here I was again searching in my neck of Seoul, Nowon, for the best patbingsu. I came upon the Cafe Ti-amo, and was sold by their advertisement outside. To my delight their patbingsu offering was pretty scrumptious, so let’s find out why.

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Saeng Cream Cake

Saeng cream cake (생크림 케이크) means fresh cream cake in Korean. It’s layers of sponge cake wrapped in layers of whipped cream frosting and fruit … Read more

Wine Chocolate

Something new I found from those Dream Cacao folks. This is a wine-flavored chocolate. According to the insert inside the container, it’s infused with powdered … Read more