Junk Food & Treats

TRENDWATCH: Schneeballen

These have been popping up in various places around Seoul. They originate from Rothenberg, Germany, one of my favorite places in Europe, but I had … Read more

Myth: Choco Pies were Invented in Korea

Everyone’s crazy about Choco Pies in Korea. Even North Koreans are. There is a lot of pride taken in this confectionery. It’s assumed in Korea that the Orion company invented this type of treat. That’s why articles like this irk me.

Nosh of the Day: Poop Bread

Was giving an all-day private tour yesterday. One of the things we had was Insa-dong’s Ddong Bbang (“Poop Bread”). It’s a lot like IngeoBbang/BungeoBbang (the … Read more

Ramyeon for One

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first post by guest contributor Jenna Collett 라면 for One  I have never seen Ms. Ahn eat alone. I’ve never seen … Read more