Seoul Coffee Expo 2012

The success of the Korea Cafe Fair, held in the tail end of winter the past two years, seems to have motivated the COEX convention … Read more

Self-serve Beer Bars

I’d been hearing about self-serve beer bars not only opening but exploding in Seoul. These types of bars exist in other cities around the world, … Read more

Makkolli is not a Rice Wine, Dammit!

There are times I think the promoters of Korean food really have their heads firmly stuck in their posteriors when they promote makkolli as a rice wine. It shows an ignorance of makkolli, an ignorance of wine, and an ignorance of alcohol in general.

Hite Max Special Hop(s) 2011

It’s back! It’s becoming a summer tradition for Hite to introduce their special hops beer. This year the hops are again from New Zealand. I’m … Read more