A Guide To K-BBQ: Galmaegisal

It’s impossible be interested in Korean food without becoming familiar with ssamgyupsal, or pork or beef galbi. These particular cuts are definitely contemporary cornerstones of national cuisine, but because they’re so well known, sometimes it can be difficult to eat...

ZenKimchi Korean Pig Chart

This is a work in progress that I’ve been meaning to start. Stafford Lumsden pushed me to go ahead with it. What we have here is a chart I’ve drawn and put together conglomerated from various sources. Now, even when I ask people in restaurants and...

Tip: Soju as Industrial Cleaner

Eun Jeong actually got this tip from Korean TV. Everyone knows that common industrial soju is not the traditional rice whiskey that was its origin. From my gathering, it’s pure grain alcohol derived from sweet potatoes and tapioca that’s been diluted and...

Tip: Pork Tenderloin Ain't So Pricey

We were at the Anyang Central Market the other day, and I was in the mood to grab a rack or two of ribs. I noticed that pork tenderloin was priced at W700 per 100 grams. Doing some calculations, that comes out to W3,171 per pound. A quick glance on U.S. prices, and...
What is Andong Cuisine?

What is Andong Cuisine?

Here is something I wrote for SEOUL Magazine last year on the food in Andong, along with some extra pictures.  I visited there with Jen Flinn, Roboseyo, Matt from Popular Gusts and a great group.  Stayed in a beautiful country inn.  You can read about the adventure...
10 Ways to Survive a Korean Winter

10 Ways to Survive a Korean Winter

We received a good bout of it this week.  Korea has the coldest climate at this latitude because of Siberian winds.  Anyone who has lived here during a winter doesn’t need that information.  It gets COLD.  The wind bites.  It doesn’t help that many Koreans...

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