MONDAY It’s not only the children who torture us. The parents have fun at our expense too. I have a pair of twins in one … Read more

Balentine’s Day

From diary: THURSDAY Chicken and beer from Two Two Chicken. Oh yes. I know where to go to get my western fix without actually eating … Read more

Joe Teach-a!!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the rest of Tuesday. I have to write these things down as they happen, or I’ll forget things. I know … Read more

Registering the Alien

Diary entry: TUESDAY I’m riding in the school van to Incheon. Mr. Chae is driving with white gloves. I got in early, and everyone else … Read more

Foreigner Invasion

The rest of my day at the school went well. While the kids were getting out, the maintenance guy, Mr. Chae, motioned for one of … Read more

Turn Right at the Black Pigs

This update is partially verbatim from my diary entry: SUNDAY Christina and I went for my first walk through a Korean neighborhood. We bought some … Read more

Made It!

It’s now 7 AM Sunday, and I just woke up. This trip has gone a lot more smoothly than I expected. Dad and I woke … Read more

In Denver

Well, I just got into Denver. Had a funky take-off. We ran into the wake of another plane, and the pilot did a quick 60-degree … Read more