The Day of the Pepero

The Day of the Pepero

Of course, I found a few errors, and the errors were fixed at the front desk with white-out and pen. After a month, these class roster sheets look ugly, ugly, ugly. After work Friday, I walked home in a better mood. Everything was cleared up. Eun Jeong was meeting me...
We Need to Learn How to Plan Better

We Need to Learn How to Plan Better

What started out as a little Halloween party for the kindergarten is growing into a full-scale Halloween carnival for the entire school and surrounding area. Leia wanted me to make a plan on how this would be done, and I typed up an ambitious list of carnival booths...


I’m getting a good lesson in dealing with kibun, the Korean concept of saving face. I have upset Eun Jeong three times this weekend, and I’m finding out slowly that it’s because I’m breaking the rules of good kibun. She is learning to deal with...

What is it, Bones? It’s Kimchi, Jim!

We had a good three day weekend. Mostly it’s just Eun Jeong and me sitting around and watching TV. We alternate between Korean and English language TV. We cooperate a lot more in this department than we used to. The big news this week is that we have a new...

Hockey and Red Beans and Rice

Seoul Cough still present, if anyone’s taking score. Last Sunday, a whole gang of people including Derek and Brant came down to my area for a hockey game at the stadium next to my place. I still can’t believe the luck I have of living not only next to a...

Rocky Top Anyang-shee

I am in the third week of my semi-annual Seoul Cough. Any time it switches from winter to spring or summer to fall, I get this acute bronchitis. Many foreigners and Koreans get this. So far, it hasn’t developed into anything more serious. It’s just...

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