Chuseok 2018

Chuseok 2018

Lately Chuseok and Seollal have been my “Bachelor Weeks.” I usually get tours booked, so I have to stay in the Seoul area during the holidays while the girls go visit the family in Gyeongju. My plans were thwarted this time. Nah, it’s all good....

Moving Across the Street

It has already been four years since the last move. That move in 2014 was a big one. I had lived in that apartment and in Anyang longer than I’d lived anywhere in my adult life. So much history had happened there, including my marriage and the birth of my...

Developing Thoughts on Bourdain

A week has passed. This is more of a personal post, so forgive the rambling. I decided to take the website off of “mourning mode.” It’s no longer black and gray. It’s not that I’m done mourning–well, I am. At this point in my life,...
Our PyeongChang 2018 Experience

Our PyeongChang 2018 Experience

I wouldn’t have done this if not for my daughter, Jian. After all this time, the PyeongChang Olympics finally started. They had twice attempted to get the Olympics and got it on the third try. I actually hosted a video in 2011 that was supposedly shown to the...

2017–A Year of Reflection and Big Questions

This is one of my personal posts. Super personal, so don’t expect any Korean food talk here. It’s also going to get a bit bleak. This started out as a personal diary in 2004, and I still use it as such. I took a quick glance at my 2016 post. That was a bad...

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