More Head-up-the-butt Ads

You’d think they’d learn, but they’re getting even more out of touch and even more comical–almost offensively so. Take this very sleek tourism ad highlighting … Read more

Review: Trader Joes's Bibimbap

The lastest of several prepared Korean dishes introduced recently by Trader Joe’s, a Monrovia, Calif.-based chain of grocery stores, is a frozen version of 비빔밥 … Read more

Classic Post: Guidelines for Korean Burger Joints

In the past few years we’ve witnessed a bit of a burger renaissance in Korea. The flat discs sold by McDonald’s and Lotteria were getting thick makeovers by new restaurants. Now it looks like a new fancy burger chain opens each week. Some are awesome (Burger B). But many of them still don’t get it and are just jumping on a trend without thinking about its roots and meaning. You could say they’re over-Koreanizing a foreign food, but actually, the Koreans I know prefer the more American style burgers of Burger B and Chili King than the ones these other restaurants are pumping out.

Cho Tae-kwon's "Noblesse Oblige"

Our resident Korean food globalization blowhard is at it again. Just when I think he can’t say anything more hilariously outrageous, another newspaper fawns over … Read more