Brushes with Fame

Famous peeps I’ve had encounters with over the years. Brushes with Fame Ted Turner. Fellow graduate of McCallie (but different years). Spoke at the school occasionally. Early 1990s. Said, “Uh,” a lot. Brushes with Fame Jon de Lancie (Q, Star Trek). Star Trek convention. Mobile, AL. 1994. Signed my Conversational Klingon phrasebook. Brushes with Fame Geoffrey Owens. Most notably known as Elvin on The Cosby Show. He gave a special acting workshop to my acting class at the University of Alabama. Brushes with Fame Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet). Mobile, AL. 1990s. Speech and book signing. Talked a long time to Mom and Anya about his love of the South. Brushes with Fame Mr. McFeely (Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood). Rochester, NY. 2000. PBS fundraiser. Signing. Great boots! Talked a good bit about watching him as a kid. Brushes with Fame Thom Hartmann (radio personality). 2003. Worked as his producer. Brushes with Fame David Suzuki (scientist). 2003. Talked for a good thirty minutes on the phone after going on the Thom Hartmann show. Really enjoyed doing the show. Brushes with Fame Janeane Garofalo. 2003. My last act as c0-producer of Thom Hartmann was tenaciously bugging her people to get her on the show. Turned out she was a fan and readily agreed to go on. Brushes with Fame David Sedaris (author). Atlanta, GA. 2003. Speech and book signing. Had a good talk about our mutual little brothers. Wrote a dirty phrase in Portuguese in my copy of Me Talk Pretty One Day.   Brushes with Fame Jackie Chan. Seoul. 2004. Watched a movie in front of us. Shook hands and said hello. Brushes with Fame Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods). Seoul. Consulted on the Korea episode and hung out for two days of shooting. Brushes with Fame Eric Ripert. I hung out with him for an evening in Seoul.

Brushes with Fame

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