About Taeyang Yoon

Taeyang is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated a small Asian fusion restaurant with a sushi/sake bar. He loves to marry flavors and textures from various parts of the world and tries to make them his own. He also founded KarFarm.com, and you can find him roaming around the San Francisco Bay Area or Southern California.

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Here are my most recent posts

Doenjang Pork Chops

Doenjang Pork Chops

The Bos Life, the supplier of artisan meats, recently sent us some of their fine meats and asked if we could help them spread the word about them. Among the ZenKimchi team, I volunteered to take on the challenge. When I saw that the sample pack would contain some pork...
BCD Tofu House – Los Angeles

BCD Tofu House – Los Angeles

Bukchang-dong (or BCD) Tofu House has been one of the most popular Korean restaurants for years. I believe it’s one of those rare Korean restaurants that was born in America and made its way back to the Motherland, Korea. They have 15 locations in and around the...
Palsaik Korean BBQ – Los Angeles

Palsaik Korean BBQ – Los Angeles

I would like to deeply apologize, to all the ZenKimchi followers, for my long absence. I’ll be more diligent in posting more often. One of the representative Korean foods is 삼겹살 (samgyupsal), uncured pork belly, or the Korean bacon. As a matter of fact,...

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