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Steve Ward (Videographer, Writer) has been living in Seoul for nearly five years now and has dabbled in many different hobbies and types of work in that time. He briefly became known as ‘SkinnySteve’ because of his mission to lose weight while working on the website SeoulSteves, but since SeoulSteves is now defunct, he’s now kinda-sorta skinny, and he’s really bad at making up nicknames for himself, he’s now ‘JustSteve.’ “Steve” also works just fine. SteveWard.TV is the homepage of his official online presence.

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Jiri Mountain Eats – Eden Restaurant

If you find yourself in the vicinity of popular tourist spot Jiri mountain, I’ve got a must-visit bibimbap restaurant for you to try out. Eden Restaurant, or, 에덴식당, keeps odd hours and you’ll need to call in advance to check their availability and make a...
Coffee Question: Dutch coffee

Coffee Question: Dutch coffee

I recently received a great coffee question in my inbox from ZenKimchi reader Ron Handel: …this past week at work a parent brought me a bottle of Dutch coffee. It is in what looks close to a wine bottle. The directions on how to enjoy it are written in Korean so...

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